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Legends Always Have Several Sides

After the devastating war that caused the Galaxy to shatter into roughly four pieces ended, a decade of peace and prosperity followed. The Oligarchic Imperial Monarchy of the Outer and Mid Rim Dominions, as the nation of Darth Tepe was now officially named, began a fruitful co-operation with the Galactic Alliance that started a Golden Age in the Alliance while continuing it within the Dominion. The Sith Dominion, controlled by Lord Kaoin, was still going but the corrupt Sith-controlled state was not approved by many of it's citizen worlds, causing Kaoin to increase military presence on worlds and place Dark Jedi and Sith into the inner circles of world leaders so they would stay under his control. The Hutt Space continued on as it's criminal sanctuary and the independent worlds managed to survive.

Then they came. The Yuuzhan Vong entered known galaxy, shattering the peace and causing many worlds to become uninhabitable. The shock of the extragalactic intruder was swiftly disbanded and the Dominions launched a massive attack upon the new species while the Galactic Alliance crumbled with the loss of Coruscant. The agreement Tepe and the Galactic Alliance senate reached was a definite turn point in the war as the two nations joined forces to rid Coruscant of the invaders. After five years of warfare, the Yuuzhan Vong departed but not without changing the Galaxy forever. The Sith Dominion diminished in size and power while the Galactic Alliance grew into a proper democracy and the other Dominion continued to keep a peaceful agreement with it's member worlds. It seemed that the "Divide and Rule" tactic truly worked. Years went past and conflicts within the Galactic Alliance rose as well as in the Sith Dominion. Both were ridden with infighting while Lord Tepe acted as an unbiased negotiator at the time of need with the aid of Skywalker and his Jedi. Peace seemed to be mostly restored while the lineage of Tepe and his new Queen, Charna, continued to grow. Both had went through the Sith Hunter machine, giving them an ageless presence. For over the next century they would stay happily married.

Then it was once again time for conflict as the Imperial factions of the Galactic Alliance broke off in 119 ABY, taking over the Imperial Remnant territories around Bastion. The Sith let them take the area, thinking that they could manage without the few systems the New Empire took as it's own. But the tension between the Empire and the Galactic Alliance was tough to bear from the start. It didn't help that the Jedi of Coruscant also split into those who deemed the Empire the true might of the Galaxy and those who wished to serve the democracy. So the Jedi Order split into three; The Jedi of Ossus who are the most peaceful ones and in close cooperation with the Dominion, The Jedi of Coruscant who are the most old-fashioned and try to compel nations to attack the Sith, and then there's the Imperial Knights or those who left the Jedi to follow the newly formed Fel Dynasty and make sure the Empire is safe and peaceful. However, the uncomfortable peace would not last. The democratic Galactic Alliance, much like it's predecessor the New Republic, saw the Empire as an oppressive dictatorship that was more about military power than welfare of civilians. The Sith, knowing that the loss of the Empire as a trading partner would mean heavy losses on their part started to grow agitated of the Galactic Alliance's attitude and was held back from the war only by the threat made by Tepe that should the Sith Dominion enter the war, it would also mean war with the much more powerful Oligarchic Imperial Monarchy of the Outer and Mid Rim Dominions.

But what none expected to happen at this time of prosperity was that a group of Republicans were gaining power within the Oligarchic Imperial Monarchy of the Outer and Mid Rim Dominions. Not only did they claim that the government under Tepe was an oppressive totalitarian regime, they had managed to get the support of Tepe's old enemies: the Hutts. So the NSES and IIA were formed to hunt down these people and bring their disloyal behinds to be judged by what they themselves called "corrupted courts". Recently the Hutts have started smuggling weapons for these several insurgent groups that have united under the name of Republican in official reports and news programs.

The year is 128 ABY. What part will you play in this flammable situation?


Yes, I know this is petty much a remake of the last thread story-wise with a couple of additions. However, this will not be taking place under the great halls of Tepe and Charna or in the Ragnarok(unless truly necessary), with only short cameos from those figures we have seen in the other threads. This is about what is going on the streets. May it be Sith or Jedi undercover or completely out in the open, may it be soldier, guard or NSES/IIA operative, your character will be just the regular Joe put in a tough situation of decisions that might change the tide of Galactic politics. This allows for more people to be tied to this little saga without concerning about how to be connected with the milleniums/century old characters and gives a completely clean table. Please enjoy and be sure to check out the wiki.

Note: I am not insisting upon great political discussions between the characters even if the situation would be perfect for one. However, it would be nice for your characters to open up a bit on their political stance in the whole crisis by despising some leading figures or protecting some ideology of some nation.

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