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A light freighter jumped out of hyperspace near Naboo, getting ready for immediate planetfall. However, it stopped dead in it's tracks and even began to move backwards. The cockpit was in turmoil.
"What happened?" the pilot asked fro the co-pilot who shurgged and tried to resist the tractor beam of a ship coming out of stealth mode in orbit around the planet. It was a Consular-class ship with it's escape pod removed and its former place turned into a docking ring. The freighter shook violently as it came into contact with the larger vessel. The crew drew weapons and rushed for the section of the hull that was placed against the ring.

Plasma cutters began opening up the hull as the passengers, all five of them Republican insurgents, came to the same area with blasters drawn.
"What is it?" one of them asked from the pilot who shrugged.
"We don't know. They didn't send any message" the co-pilot said as they backed off from the almost done hole in the hull. It was first a silent period after the hull piece was kicked in. Then it came clear to them why they had been so suddenly and without warning taken by the Consular-class ship. Several NSES agents walked in, executing both the pilot and the co-pilot before they could even move their fingers to the trigger, which caused the Republicans to begin shooting. The first three NSES agents coming in were killed before the Republicans had gone behind a corner so the firefight could not ensue. Five more agents came inand put a simple comm headset on their heads. The trandoshan leader took one of the agents with him to circle around while the three others rushed straught after the insurgents. The blaster sounds rang throught the corridors once more as the chase began.


A figure stood in front of a large window overlooking the completely rebuilt Works. A smile glowed on his face as the Works was the only place by far where the atmosphere of the Old Republic was still well conserved. Not in the sence all the buildings were like they were back then, but more or less architecturally same that littered Coruscant before the Empire and the many times Coruscant's areas were rebuilt to match new technological innovations and architectural styles after being destroyed. It was bliss for the man.

"Lord Tepe, one of the ships has located an insurgent transport. It has began boarding operations" an officer in th greyish blue uniform of the NSES said as he marched through the door of the office, hardly getting a glance from the guards he just passed. A shake of the hand excused the guards outside and after the doors closed the Lord turned to see the officer.
"Good. Send word I wish for all Republicans interrogated and then released. Before release bug them. All of them" he said and smiled mischievously before turning to see the outside cityscape once more.

The officer rushed off once more, the guards returning into the officer and the Lord sitting down. It was a good day for his Dominion, even if there was an insurgency.

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