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Angry Ewoks...

In the third installment of the original trilogy, they introduced a new species, known as the Ewok. A small fuzzy biped, akin to a teddy bear. I'd like it to be known, that I despise the Ewok with every fiber of my being, and would stop at nothing to slay them brutually if they truly exsisted. With that said, I shall now ramble incoherently. NOW, time for a tacky game idea that people will shake their heads at. I think Lucas Arts should get to work lining up a developer to make a game in which you play the role of a lost 501st commando, left behind after the Imperial defeat over and upon Endor. Essentially, the game play would encompass you, lurking about Endor and slaughtering the Ewok inhabitants, with two main goals in mind: Revenge for the Imperial defeat, and assembling the pieces to restore a downed Imperial shuttle so you could then escape that vile forest moon.
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