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Nivian sat there quietly, looking out for any danger as Aria slept. He could feel himself starting to get hungry. I'm going to need to eat to continue the trave, he thought to himself. He lifted his nose into the air and started to smell his surroundings. He was able to smell the fresh wild life, though humans were more his taste he would settle for wild game.

He stood up quietly and began his pursuit of some deer in the woods. Nivian caught several and devoured them.

"Aria will probably be hungry when she wakes up. Humans are useless if they are starving to death. Pathetic creatures." said to himself in an annoyed tone.

He saw a deer in the distance and attacked it quickly breaking it's neck. He then dragged it to where he left Aria and laid it down. She can do what she wants with it when she awakes, he thought.

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