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Well, geez. It isn't like that game would be that shallow, where you just meandered and killed simply. There would have to be a complex stealth system, combined with a stellar offensive combat style, so you could choose how you tackled the story. The game world would be a lush forest of massive trees, will a smattering a Ewok hunter-gatherer settlements stretched across it. Day and night would pass, Ewoks would hunt and gather, cook and clean, patrol their lands, sleep at night. And if you made your presence known, they'd form bands and hunt for you atleast for awhile. All the while, you'd watch as the main character struggled to maintain mental stability, isolated, and outnumbered, his thoughts, feelings, and actions becoming more primal and instinctive, his formerly white armor of that of a stormtrooper being replaced over time with patches of Ewok, and bits of bone. Plus, they could toss in a complex trap system, so you could use your detection as an advantage, luring your hunters into dire straights whilst playing the scared prey. Then again, too dark or demented for Lucas Arts. Oh well!
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