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Originally Posted by sekan
Okey... Is there some way to turn them into npcs?
Well, you could remove the crowd object and put an equal number of NPC objects into the area, place waypoints where they are supposed to walk and assign them custom AI scripts that make them patrol the waypoints, fake entering buildings etc.

A lot of work for no obvious gain, IMO, unless you plan to use those NPCs for something else than decoration and ambience. This will lead to the game slowing to a crawl whenever you are in populated areas, and being able to select all the nobodies, making it harder to locate the NPCs that actually have something to say.

There is a reason why the crowd objects where introduced into the game engine after all. The Aurora engine is awful at handling large amounts of NPCs moving about in an area without killing performance due to (among other things) poor pathfinding and an inefficient (for the task) scripting system.
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