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Originally Posted by Jaret
SODsniper, I am trying for a long time to extract the LAAT from Republic Commando. If you are still around please share with me how to extract it!
It's an easy, albeit tedious process made harder by the lack of TEXTURE EXPORT for the RepCom UED.

It's rather ironic, but I just typed in the entire process for another fellow mapper...

I'll just cut and paste what I wrote there. It's mostly all applicable to you.

1. Locate the SM you want. Note it's textures that it uses in the MATERIALS section of the SM Browser.

2. Find the appropriate textures in the TEXTURE Browser and export them. Note that you cannot EXPORT Shaders or Combiners or the like. If your SM, uses a shader or what have you, then you will need to go into the properties of the Shader or whatever, and locate it's base texture(s) and export that. We will cover how to IMPORT shaders etc etc in a subsequent step.

2a. Now, you will note that most of the textures you export will be in .dds format. There MAY be an issue when trying to import these DDS textures into RVS's UED and it crashes. I have ran into situations where this happens. And, unfortunately, there is no way to tell until you actually try it. If you do find your self with these types of DDS files, download an ATI program called THE COMPRESSONATOR.. It will take the DDS files and re-save them in a manner that UED RVS likes. If I find that I have a lot of these types of DDS files, I just use the BATCH part of THE COMPRESSONATOR and do the conversion en masse. Once you have all the Textures ready, you import them into RVS UED. It is VITAL that you retain the same texture name for the textures. This will become evident why later...

3. OK, so you have imported all the necessary textures into RVS UED.
NOTE RE SHADERS, ETC. You really can't "import" these textures. So, what I do is to import the base texture and then simply recreate the shader, combiner or whatever in RVS's UED. You do this by selecting FILE <===> NEW in the Texture Browser and copy the shader, combiner, whatever bit for bit from the properties of the shader (whatever) in the UED you are working from. It's a tedious process, but very effective...

So, when all is said and done, you should have an exact duplicate of the texture package for the specific SM in RVS UED.

4. Now go back to the UED that has the SM you want and place the SM on the anywhere on the "map". Note that you don't actually have to have a real "map" opened up. You can just place the SM anywhere..

5. Right click on the SM and select CONVERT <===> BRUSH. This will create a red builder brush in the exact form of the SM. The SM should still be highlighted. Delete the SM. This isn't really necessary to do, but it helps keep your workspace clean..

6. Now EXPORT the **BRUSH** (BRUSH <===> EXPORT) giving it the same name as the SM in the UED you are in right now. NOTE: This is only necessary if you are doing a MAP CONVERSION. If you are simply pulling an SM out for you to use in RVS, you don't need to bother with the naming conventions..

7. Go back to RVS UED and IMPORT (BRUSH <====> IMPORT) the brush you just created... Note that you must give it the exact name that the SM had in the other UED. Again, if you are just pulling out a single SM, you don't have to worry about the naming convention.

8. Now, you have a red builder brush in the shape of the SM. Click ADD.... Now, if you did the texture importing right (paying close attention to insure that the texture names are all identical) then you should have a perfect representation of the SM as an ADD brush.

9. You then simply CONVERT that Brush to a Static Mesh and viola... A perfectly duplicated SM from the other UED to RVS's UED..

Now, this process may appear tedious and unwieldy and it is.. But, if you are only using it to get a couple SMs out of other UED Games, it's not that bad.. It looks worse than it really is..

It's only when you are trying to convert an entire map that it get's REAL tedious. Very Happy

And it could be a LOT worse.. With Republic Commando's UED, the have disabled the EXPORT TEXTURE feature.. So what end up doing there is, instead of EXPORTing the textures from RepCom UED, I have to take a screen shot of the texture, open it up in PSP, crop it to exact measurments and then save it as a BMP..

Now THAT is tedious...

I know I just threw a LOT of info at you.. Feel free to follow-up with anything you don't clearly understand...

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