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"Are we there yet?"

Aislin laughed. "You sound like a child on a long family trip," she told her prisoner. "No."

"Are we there yet?" Shoal repeated.


"Are we there yet?"

The ship came out of hyperspace and Ceru said, "Very nearly, yes."

"Aww," Shoal grumbled. "I was hoping you'd gotten lost and we'd never make it."

"I didn't get a compared to Boba Fett for nothing," Aislin reminded him. "I'm good at what I do. Very good."

In just a few moments, the ship docked with another, larger ship. The larger ship was practically the home/base of operations for one of the more illusive crime rings in the galaxy, and as soon as Aislin's ship was fully secure, they jumped to hyperspace, as a precaution in case Aislin had been followed.

"You have Ruben Shoal," a voice said over the comm. "Scans have confirmed this. Your payment has been transferred. Please transfer the prisoner."

"You're new," Aislin commented. "Haven't heard you before."

"Hey, Aislin!" another voice greeted cheerily. Aislin grinned.

"Hey Max," she answered. "Who's the dull newbie?"

"Oh, just call him Idiot," Max answered. "We all do because... well, he is one. Anyway... Ruben Shoal, huh?"

"I'm lookin' at him as we speak," Aislin confirmed. "Shall we make the transfer?"

"Sure," Max agreed. "Stick him in the airlock and shut your end... you know the routine."

Aislin nodded and stood. Just as she unlocked the cage Ruben Shoal was in, he attempted an escape.

"Not the Greater Stars!" he protested. "I don't wanna go! They'll kill me!"

Aislin thrust him backward into the cage with the Force. "As if anyone I might have taken you to wouldn't? You're getting what you deserve, thief. Pickpocket." She glared at him. "Murderer."

Calling on the power of the Force, Aislin lifted the unwilling man and carried him to the airlock. She tossed him in and Ceru sealed it shut. Aislin could hear the man's frantic scrabbling at her door. Then, she heard a low rumble, something that sounded like a dart gun firing, and finally, Ruben Shoal's frightened wail, dying into silence.

"So thanks for him," Max said, coming back on the line. "Top notch work, as usual."

"Just doing my job and doing it well," Aislin said cheerfully. "Shall I be going now?"

"Just a word of warning," Max replied. "Rumor has it, there's a pirate fleet looking for you. You might want to lay low a bit."

"Pirates?" Aislin clarified.

"Pirates," Max confirmed. "Word is, they've gotten orders to LICE you."

"Any word on their employer?" Aislin inquired.

"Not a word," Max answered. "And that bothers me, Ais. There's not many people in the galaxy who can go and hire a full on fleet of pirates without leaving some kind of trail."

"Thanks for the info, Max," Aislin said after a moment of silence. "But I don't think I have anything to worry about. I'll just stay one step ahead of them."

The two ships dropped out of hyperspace and split up. The Greater Stars' home ship glided away in a completely different direction and jumped to hyperspace once more.

"Didn't want to bother you while you were chatting with the Stars," Ceru said. "But we've got another job request."

"What is it?" Aislin asked.

"Assassination. Lady Charna, Queen of the Oligarchic Imperial Monarchy of the Outer and Mid Rim Dominions."

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