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The officer raised his gloved hand to where his ear and transmitter were, giving the coordinates to the flagship which would confirm the location. After it was confirmed the officer nodded, holstered his blaster and lowered his hand from his transmitter. The Stormers regrouped behind the officer.
"Thank you for your cooperation, gentlemen. Gentleman Roberts sends his regards" he said as the group backed away from the bridge, throwing what seemed to be a thermal detonator into the midst of the men. However, as soon as they had gone and the detonator clicked to blow up the bomb, only a puff of smoke escape with a small flag from the top with the Gentleman Roberts symbol on it.

Once the officer stepped onto the tube, he was the last of the pirates and without turning back they entered the wooden-hulled ships again which detached and as soon as they got a bit further off from the home ship they shut down the gravity wells and tractor beams, taking course for the coordinates given and jumping into hyperspace. But this was not done before sending a message to the nearest Dominion relay station which would forwards it throught many swift and untrackable places to the former LiMerge Building on Coruscant which now was a the Embassy of the Oligarchic Imperial Monarchy of the Outer and Mid Rim Dominions

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