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Mercenary Crew: Bounty Hunters

D&R Thread
Mercenary Crew
Episode V
Bounty Hunters

Ten years have passed since the Republic
fell and the empire rose from its ashes. They
rule through fear of the fleets and the force
wielded by the dark lords of the Sith.

The empire fears only one thing; the return of
the Jedi. Although most believed them to be
dead some have survived the purge and have
gone into hiding.

Because of this a bounty has been placed on
the heads of every Jedi and force adept in the
Galaxy. This has tempted the crew of The
who have begun the hunt for the
Once defenders of peace…


The Scimitar shot through hyperspace and into the space controlled by the Hutts and other Crime lords. Its crew of hunters had to drop off their recently acquired bounties and collect their well-deserved reward. After two weeks of hunting and several injuries to the crewmembers they had finally gotten all three Perpetrators.

The Captain, Alec Tanis, sat on a chair by a table on the cargo floor, he was just outside the large prisoner containment area where he could keep an eye on the Bounties. The Devronian prisoner tried to plead with him, the Tiss’shar attempted bribery and the Togorian threatened to do thing to Alec’s body he could not repeat. They were trouble but Alec knew better to just let them go, the bounty was for a notorious Crime lord and they would not be pleased if this bounty was not delivered. Going back on a deal with this crime lord was ho the three aliens got the bounty on their heads in the first place.

Alec had his feet up on the table and read Datapapds with a variety of Bounty sheets displayed on them. They needed to get back in the game as soon as they landed, in this occupation you snooze and another hunter gets the man, women or even child.

The Ship’s droid hovered over until it was just a few foot form Alec. “Undesignated bounty Alec Tannis, Prisoner 56784 is complaining again, may I kill him?"

“Zip, The Devronian is worth more alive.” Tannis replied not looking up from the sheet.

“I have not killed something in so long, I am not being used to my full potential.” The droid said in its mono toned way.

“Zip, I have enough problems.” Tannis stated. “Nasai is departing at the next port, so i need to get someone to fly this bucket, Go annoy Latch or Jyot.”
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