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"I don't like it," Max's second in command worried aloud. "To betray Aislin like that?"

"If the young Dantes is as good as we have seen, then she will be long gone before they arrive," Max answered quietly. He shook his head. "But enough of that. We have work to do. Get the ship up and running again. We've got to be moving again."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As Max had predicted, Aislin Dantes went to the planet in the Outer Rim. This little planet had gone mostly unnoticed to the galaxy, for it had no worthwhile resources to offer. Indeed, while it looked as if there could have been a small civilization living there in the past, the only life there now was animal. But here, unnoticed by the galaxy, Aislin had constructed a base of operations and here she began to study the job she'd been contacted to complete.

It was easy to find information on Charna. After all, she was a highly public figure. But it wasn't information on the woman herself that Aislin was looking for.

"Security details," Aislin murmured. "Who and what will be her guards?"

She scrolled through the information at high speed untill the words, 'Sith Hunter' caught her eye. She stopped. A Sith Hunter? Now, that made things hard. She ran a search in her databases for 'Rellis Thren' and found that the woman was only twenty-three years old.

"But even at that age, a Sith Hunter," she mused. But it was a challenge she loved. And if she had to fight off a Sith Hunter to get to the real job and the real challenge of killing Charna, then so be it.

"Prep yourself, Ceru," she called. "I'm on my way back."

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