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Arelyn K'zanthis pulled the tie tight in her hair and secured her long ponytail, then winced as she brought her arms down to her sides. The left side of her chest and her left shoulder ached in protest as she settled into a more comfortable position in her seat. She sat semi-curled up in her turret, watching the stars zoom past as the Scimitar traveled through hyperspace. The stars were a familiar sight, but the ship she was on was still all too new to her.

She was the newest crewmember on the bounty hunter ship Scimitar and she had already seen more than her fair share of action on her first mission, tracking down a number of bounties, then capturing them. The tracking bit she didn't really mind so much, as she was fairly good at it. The apprehending part got quite rough, however, especially with that Togorian. She absentmindedly traced the mottled line on her shoulder blade which was all that was left of a particularly nasty slash the large feline creature had given her. Luckily, Stitcher was quite a competent doctor and had it treated in no time. Unfortunately, there was little he could do for the brusing to her torso and arm, as they were short on bacta. She hoped the bounties they were to collect soon would fix that.

Sighing, she uncurled herself from her seat and headed for the compartment door, intent on heading for the galley to scrounge up some food. However, she had barely entered the hallway when she had to duck her head to avoid being brained by the ship's resident droid, Zip, who happened to be traveling at top speed at head level. "Oi!" Arelyn exclaimed. "Watch where you're going!"

The little droid came to a slow hover a few meters away from her. "Undesignated bounty Arelyn K'zanthis, I believe you should watch where you are going," Zip replied, managing to look smug despite not having detailed facial features. "I had the right of way."

"Like bloody hell you did," she swore at it. "We're on a ship, not a hoverlane, you bucket of bolts."
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