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Originally Posted by Jedi MasterRoot
1. Mission wasnt one of the choices.
Why? She darn well should be.

Originally Posted by Jedi MasterRoot
2.Shes a teenager so I hope you are one two or-
She is technically a collection of obviously artificial pixels, just like your other supposed choices are.

Her character and personality blow the others away, she is one of the most developed characters of KotOR (Other than Kreia, and possibly G0-T0).

Lets go through your other choices...
  1. Bastila... she is eye-candy, and as Carth so eloquently puts it is a "spoiled little Jedi princess!"
  2. Juhani... are you kidding? She is quite un-interesting, and her head is hidious... she is supposed to be Feline related, where are the feline features? And her voice, I'd rather date a bald Centari woman.
  3. Brianna (Handmaiden), again she is quite dull, short white hair and all.
  4. Mira, while an initially humorous character, she lacks because she really isn't that interesting after about 2 minutes.
  5. Visas Marr, she is interesting, with some interesting things to say, but it is marred by her lack of personal history, all we find out from her is about Nihilus and the destruction of Katarr.
While Jolee Bindo may have a great deal of the good 'lines' in the game along with HK-47, Mission has the good, and at least more original, backstory. Then there is Griff...

Originally Posted by Jedi MasterRoot
3. I hope your kidding.
(See above)

In closing, what makes a woman/girl hot to me is far more than her looks alone.

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