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As the ship rocked a little for the hundredth time, which caused the neatly arranged stock of medical supplies to become a mess, the Scimitar's medic, Ray Brink, sighed. I hope the captain uses the credits from the bounty to fix this ship or I'll seriously go insane from rearranging all my things every time the ship does this

As he rearranged his station and prayed that he didn't have to do it again in two minutes, he began to think about his life when his 'adventuring days', yes, he called patching up his fellow crew members and staying on the ship while the others did the field job an adventure. And as a side effect from staying too long on board, he had noticed his skin getting more pale every day. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of angry and frustrated footsteps from the hallway. Seems my duty as a therapist is about to begin he said to himself. Ray had become the crew's confession buddy for some reason, maybe it was because he was willing to listen to anybody, no matter what the topic the other person talked about.

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