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"Watch where you're going!"

Lachlan 'Latch' Vax opened one eye sleepily, then the other. Light from the surveillance displays splashed across his vision and he shook his head a few times to clear it out, as he was sure he'd heard someone shout. He'd managed to doze off during his surveillance shift, but he wasn't exactly torn up about it. Stretching his arms over his head, he felt several joints shift and pop satisfyingly as he glanced over the screens. They displayed the holding cell where the Scimitar crew's bounties currently resided. Keeping watch over them was something Alec had requested, but Latch hardly thought it necessary, as he had personally bound them and placed them in the cell. As he expected, all three aliens were still there, with very little chance of escape.

"We're on a ship, not a hoverlane, you bucket of bolts."

Latch twisted his head around towards the door. This time he was sure he'd heard something and from the exasperated exclamation, he was pretty confident he knew who had said it. Swiveling his chair, he launched himself out of his seat and out the doorway to come upon fellow gunner and erstwhile Mistryl Arelyn K'zanthis squaring off against the ship's resident curmudgeonly droid Zip. He couldn't help grinning as the dark-haired woman spewed epithets at the little hovering robot. Arelyn was their newest crewmember, and while she had more than proven herself a competent bounty hunter and steadfast compatriot, there was still much she needed to learn about living on the Scimitar.

Sidling up next to her, he cocked his head and said, "It's just that time of month for Zip, Rel." He grinned at the droid. "Nothing a good kick right between the photoreceptors won't fix."
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