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"Nothing a good kick right between the photoreceptors won't fix."

Overhearing Latch’s comment as he headed for the common room from engineering, Jyot called out, "No kicking the photoreceptors! I don’t have any spares!”

The little droid came flying around the corner into the corridor and panned its electronic eye over the approaching engineer. "Undesignated bounty Jyot Tyrell," the droid stated as it floated in the air, moving backwards as Jyot continued to walk forwards, his attention more on the engine part he held in his hand rather than the droid. "It is your duty as Scimitar engineer to keep me maintained. Not doing so constitutes dereliction of duty."

"Oh, gee,” Jyot mocked. “And I suppose the maximum penalty for that is what… erm, death?”

"Affirmative." A small arm with a dart-launcher soon appeared from within the droid, and aimed itself at Jyot. “Death is the maximum penalty for all class-one violations while in active transit.”

“Oooh. Death by tranq dart. Scary,” Jyot said sarcastically. “Well, think about this, you little flying tin can. Kill me and you’ll never get repaired.”

The droid’s dart-launcher was suddenly retracted.

“Yeah, that’s right. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, or in your case, lubes your gears and primes your circuits.”

Jyot rounded the corner and entered the common room, heading over to one of the galley cupboards.

“Hey, Latch,” he greeted his friend at the other end of the room. “Got tired of watching our mealtickets hang out with the Captain down below? Must be about as riveting as watching ‘Win or Die’ on the holonet.”

Still holding the part in his hand, he took out a piece of foodboard as a snack before dinner. Holding the foodboard between his teeth, he then picked up a fork, and then moved towards the table. Flipping one of the chairs the wrong way round, he casually sat down, placing the part in front of him on the table. Using the edge of the table for leverage, he bent a couple of tines on the fork at odd angles, then began to fiddle with the part using the fork as sort of a probe, while he absently munched on the tasteless but crunchy foodboard.

He had outwardly ignored Arelyn K'zanthis presence at the other end of the room, but he was aware of her every move. It was hard not to be aware of her given that she was the only female on board, and a very pretty one at that. But as part of the bet he had made with Latch when Alec had brought Arelyn onboard, it was Latch’s turn to take a crack at the girl and Jyot was content to let his friend try his luck.

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