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“… And eat it in front of your eyes.” The Togorian threatened.

Alec stretched out and yawned, he placed the datapad he was reading on the table and turned to look in the cell. “Now that’s just rude.” He said still yawning.

He got up and began to walk away, knowing the prisoners weren’t actually going anywhere. He walked around the catwalk and up the ladder into the Common room. Some of the crew were in there, eating, talking using eating utensils on engine parts. Alec frowned and shook his head walking over to Jyot, he stood over the engineering casting a shadow over the part he was using. Jyot flicked his eyes up at Alec and with the foodboard still between his teeth he smiled.

“Why do I buy you tools?” Alec asked frowning, only getting a shrug as a reply.

Alec shook his head once again and walked towards the ships bridge, stepping in he sat in the co-pilots. The pilot sat in his seat looking out as the stars streaked over and around the viewing window and he was deep in thought.

“Sure I can’t change your mind?” Tannis asked looking out of the cockpit window aswell.

“No chance.” The human pilot replied. “I’ve got to get out this business.”

“Why?” Alec asked. “You fly a top notch ship and get to clean up the galaxy.”

“Yeah.” Nasai agreed. “I also get shot at on a by-daily basis and insulted by a little droid with a sadistic streak.”

“Ok man.”
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