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I'd love to put up some profiles, I have a complete one for Alixe, history, quotes, images, you name it. But I have no clue with doing this stuff. If someone could do it for me I'd be happy to give the details.

FWIW here's a brief history on Alixe (spoilers).

[spoiler]Fought as a Trade Federation soldier, on learning that Padme would be taken into slavery defected to Naboo, served until an attempt was made on Padme's life, sent to protect her and worked with Aayla Secura, Emperor's rise to power made her mad with grief and fought for revenge, hunted down Clome Armies, joined the Rebellion where she worked with Jan Ors, began hunting down the Emperor's hand, fought on Hoth and had her leg sliced off, the Empire cloned her from her DNA, the real Alixe went bald and dabbled a little in command before reluctently having a cybernetic leg built, went after Mara Jade again as a commando, feuded with her even when she turned to the light, finally chose to undergo healing at the hands of the Jedi, continued to serve the New Republic loyally until the Yuhzon Vong war, was critically injured fighting them, overcame the life threatening injuries only to die of old age.[/spoilers]
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