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Arelyn shook her head as Zip zoomed off to some other part of the ship. "Bloody droid is a menace," she commented to Latch, crossing her arms. Zip certainly was one of the worse parts about being on the Scimitar. The droid was rude, abrasive and highly disgusted at pretty much all organic life and it would have given her great pleasure to do as Latch had said and laid a kick right into Zip's face. However, Zip was good at what it was programmed for and quite indispensable to their bounty hunter occupations. She just hoped that she'd soon develop the tolerance the rest of the crew had for the snotty little droid.

"I don't know how you put up with him," she muttered as she moved towards the galley, aware of Latch following her. She allowed herself a small smirk. Being the only woman on a ship full of men was a prospect she was made aware of when Alec had originally hired her, so she was expecting the worst. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the rest of the crew weren't dirty old men, but snarkily confident young men. She could have survived the sleazebag geriatrics, but the fact that Alec, Latch, Jyot, Ray and Kuun were all lively young men made life a bit more bearable. None of them had tried to make a move on her just yet, but she figured it was a prime time for such chicanery now, especially after a successful job.

"Morning, Jyot," she called out to the blonde mechanic as she made her way to the caf machine.
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