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Currently reading in the cockpit of his Headhunter, Headshot chuckled as a shout rang through the ship and he said "Zip must be on the hunt,"

Most of the time since his arrival, you could pretty much always find Headshot in the Quick-Drop Hanger with his fighter, so it was quite easy for the droid to find its next target. Rushing into the hanger at about a million-mph, the droid set it's course direct towards him. It then came to a complete stop about six-inches from Headshot's head with some apparent strain.

Headshot looked up with a smile from his read and asked "Yes, Zippy?"

The droid buzzed in what one might count as anger for a moment before saying "This unit is IM4-389, not 'Zippy', incompetent Undesignated bounty Kuun Lan."

"Yeah, okay, whatever Zippy. I can see your in a bad mood with no maintenance yet. Are we at there yet?" Headshot asked with an almost carefree tone.

The droid seemed to fume for a moment before replying "Almost, and the rest of the Undesignateds are beginning to gather in the common room."

Then the droid flew away and left Headshot to himself again. Shaking his head with a laugh, he turned off the pad he was reading and hopped out of the fighter onto the catwalk, doing a stretch or two to sort out the kinks of the journey. The cockpit was kind of cramped, but it was the most comfortable area of the ship for him. Still, if they were almost there and the crew was gathering, then he should be joining them too.

He turned to his fighter before leaving the hanger and said jokingly "Don't fly without me."
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