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The pilot Nasai stretched out still looking into the stars and looked back down at one of the various monitors, he smiled and looked back up at Alec. “You know something else I won’y miss.”

“The food?” Alec guessed.

“No, Well yeah.” Nasai agreed. “but as well as that, I won’t miss the fact that each time we get a member of the fairer sex to join they leave after a couple of weeks because of Jyot.”

“Well he’s promised me that he won’t try anything with Arelyn for another month.”

“Oh really.” The pilot stated as he tapped the monitor he was just looking at.

Alec looked down at the screen and saw the all to familiar expression on Jyots face, the same expression he pulled whenever he tried to charm a woman. He raised his hands to his head and screamed into them. “Son of a!!!”

He got up and ran into the Common room and over to where Jyot was seated, and grabbed him by the back of the shirt. “Jyot a Word.” He pulled him out of the seat and dragged the mechanic into the corridor and closed the door behind him.

“By the overlords of Magrathon, Why?” Alec asked looking him in the face. One month none of your weird sexual seduction games with the new girl is all I asked.”

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