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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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((OCC- Show time!))

The ship shook slightly in a way all crew would recognise, they had just dropped out of hyperspace and the ship could be felt changing course. This didn’t phase Tannis as he was so use to this movement it barely even registered to him anymore. Zip had just flown up the corridor ladder and over to where Alec and Jyot stood.

“Undesignated Bounty Alec Tannis, I heard raised voices do you wish for me to kill Undesignated Bounty Jyot Tyrell.”

“Zip unless you want me to has Undesignated bounty Jyot stick your personality into the refresher disposal computer I’d fly away, now” Alec threatened causing the droid to zip away. As Tannis watched the droid fly away the ship suddenly shock violently in another familiar but not as ignorable way. “Something just shot at us”

Alec opened the door and ran through the Common room. “Turrets people.” He called running pass his Arelyn and Latch.

Running into the cockpit he looked out of the window and noticed they were travelling through the debris field that covered the smugglers moon.

“Tiss’Shar fighter craft, Several of them.” Nasai informed realising Alec taking the Co-pilots seat. “I think they have come for their buddy.”

“Why didn’t the proximity alarm pick them up?” Alec asked.

“It’s off, we’re travelling through a Debris field, if it was on it’d be going crazy.” Nasai said in away to subliminally say “why do you think you moron?”

“Headshot launch and engage when ready.” Tannis ordered Through the ships loud speakers. “We got Tiss'Shar fighters, the debris field makes it hard to determine how many but it’s more than a few. Fire at will people!”
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