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Aly strode confidently through the streets of Nar Shaddaa, greatly relieved at having rid herself of the bulk freighter crew. The job had been dull and after two months of living on that ship, being the only female aboard, and having countless practice times in hand-to-hand combat skills to fight them off when they got drunk, even Nar Shaddaa was a welcome change.

After informing the local docking controller that she was a pilot in search of a job, Aly went to the nearest cantina she could find, someplace called the 'Happy Gizka'. Aly rolled her eyes. Where did names for these places come from anyway? A happy gizka was a gizka who'd eaten all your food and scampered away to reproduce and eat more... Aly couldn't help but grin. That had been the only interesting period of time on that bulk freighter. It had taken them a week to be rid of the pests.

Aly giggled. It had been fun to watch the captain dive headfirst into a bulk container of Byss cheese; it had been even more entertaining when he couldn't get himself out and three of the hired muscle guys had fallen in while attempting to retreive him. Aly had merely watched from the catwalk, high overhead, and laughed.

Shaking her head, Aly entered the cantina and headed straight for the bar. "Corellian ale," she ordered. "And I want them to keep coming. The docking controller has my name as a pilot in need of a job and this location for where I'll be. They come in, you send them my way."

The bartender grunted and Aly dropped a few credits on the counter. Then, the bartender handed her the drink she'd requested and she retreated to a table near the back of the room.

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