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"Isn't that always the way," Latch commented idly as he dumped the rest of his caf and bolted for his turret. It seemed neither he nor Jyot would get a crack at Arelyn for now, which was just as well, since he didn't really have a proper response to the Mistryl's icy statement.

Ducking into his turret, he settled himself into his seat and strapped in. He grabbed his headset off the wall and placed it on his head, then hit a few switches, bringing his blaster cannon online. Staring up into the crosshairs, he gripped the yoke, settling his fingers above the triggers and licked his lips. "Turret 2 hot and in the green," he said into his mic. "Kuun, let us know when you're spaceborne, wouldn't want to shoot you down."

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