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Absolutely, Alixe (or a varient) is who I've been using for most of my RPs, usually in the vengence filled role you might have seen her in, and any RPs I see that might appeal is the first one I have on tap. Varients? Sure, as well as Alixe I have her clone who is in the Empire and far more friendly, even going so far as to help Mara Jade out with Vader. And I'm looking at a similar character to Alixe for post Sacrifice storylines. As you can see I planned out the 70 plus year history so that she can fit in whether it be knocking back the suggestion of ever being a Jedi, falling to the dark side so to speak over her obsession with revenge, in the Rebellion, New Republic, whatever. So how does she fit into the RPs? In After a Knightfall she is obsessed with bringing justice to those who had thrown the galaxy into hell. In Evenfall if that gets going she would be serving as the old commando she would be at the time, probably still giving Mara Jade a hard time (seeing as she hunted the Emperor's Hand and all) before seeking help to let go of those feelings. I'll write up a profile for Masters of the Force where Alixe is still angry, still hunting down the remnents of the Empire and still rather snide with Mara Jade, implying that a former Sith would be better off fighting than Jaden. I have her in a couple of other storylines as well, in another post RotS that seemed to have died she was maddened with grief over everything that had happened and tortured Clone Troopers before killing them while seeking a way to fight back. In an Empire at War storyline her main role is hunting down Mara Jade, gunning down any Imperial that gets in her way. I have some images of Alixe that I'll show you, these are really only draft ones for now, the final ones will be much better.

Yeah, I fought with the droid army. Pretty cool huh? (TPM era)

Okay so royal dinners are something I am not familiar with. (AotC era)

No punishment is too severe, no horror I can unleash is too much, in light of what has been done. The Jedi might say I fall thinking this, but they are wrong. No, I would not fall, I had been pushed into the darkness. (post RotS era)

You are doomed Palpatine. (prequal trilogy era)

Soldier? Not me, I am just an old woman now. (post RotJ era)

I was close to death before they gave me these scars. (Yuhzon Vong era)
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