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Jade Empire Savegame Editor v0.6 released

I've uploaded the initial release of a savegame editor for Jade Empire. See the first post of this thread for the download link.

Edit: I've also uploaded SAC Utils to extract/pack the the save.sac file just in case anyone wants to try low level tweaking of their savegames with K-GFF.

Edit: v0.2 released: Fixed Appearance behavior -- now shows list and found an extra field in the GFF that needed to be tweaked to get the changes to stick.

Edit: v0.3 released: Added Weapons, Plot Items, Flyer Improvements, Techniques, Amulet, Gems nodes. Also added ability to Add/Remove Styles and the aforementioned elements

Edit: v0.4 released: Added Henchmen selection/availability and fixed style bars (was off by one)

Edit: v0.5 released: Fixed the bug that was causing journal entries to disappear.

Edit v0.6 released: Fixed handling of early savegames where Silver and Alignment fields are not defined. The symptom was that Silver or Alignment were showing up as the values of Chi but when edited, they actually changed the Chi. That's been fixed.

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