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"Quite true" Ferod said and nodded before Niara excused herself from the booth. Only a moment later the Vultan man as well stood up. Looking down at Charollus, he smiled.
"I must go move our fighter to the hangar where Shyla's ship is. I shall contact you when we are ready for departure. Keep the group together and lead them to the hangars once you recieve my message" he said and nodded, stepping away from the booth, smiling still to reassure the woman she can pull it off. When the man left she sighed quietly and looked at Viktor.
"I'll be needing your help here. I'm overwhelmed with this task and you seem to know your way around the Wheel"


Once Ferod had gotten to the ARC-170 and jumped in he had once more changed into his jedi robes, feeling the armor chafing in the wrong places and being very painful on longer sitting periods. The engines were warmed enough and he contacted the Wheel's main computer for help in locating Shyla's ship. After finding it the Wheel helped by tractor beaming him towards the right hangar once he had left his hangar and gotten near enough. However, there was something he saw on the way that disturbed him, as the ship called Firewind dropped out of hyperspace and launched several shuttles to head for the Wheel. Firewind was a Victory-class Star Destroyer and a part of Vader's Death Squadron. Not only did it mean that the Empire had been much more swifter than they had expected, but it also meant they had no time to lose in getting out. Fortunately the Firewind didn't have the needed equipment to stop them from jumping into hyperspace. After Ferod arrived in the same hangar as Shyla's ship he set the ARC-170, aptly named Trouble Hunter, right next to the light freighter before getting out of the cockpit and looking at the ship.

"What a hunk of junk... I hope it can hold the weight without splitting open" Ferod said to himself and chuckled, taking out his comm and contacting Charollus.
"Charollus, we've got Stormtroopers on their way to the station. We need to go. Reassemble in Hangar TH-1138-X" he said and cut the comm before approaching the ramp leading to the freighter.


Charollus sighed after getting the message. By the time they were at the hangar, the Empire would have boarded the Wheel and started their search, including having view through the surveillance cameras. He first turned to Viktor.
"Hangar TH-1138-X. We need to go there. Now" she said before standing up and walking to Niara with the same message.
"Imperials. Hangar TH-1138-X. Now" she said and headed off, hoping someone of them knew where the hangar was in the first place.

((Time skip so we can get a move-on and avoid needless blabbering and such))

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