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Name: Orlog Hager
Race: Barbarian
Age: 32
Class: Fighter
Weapons: Claymore(Trollbane), Dagger, Two throwing axes
Appearance: [Link]
Personality: A sweet-hearted man with a strong will to survive. The nobility in his eyes is unmistakable and this is what has given him the right as one amongst few Barbarians to learn and be interested in many of the world's languages. He is a minority on his Barbarian brothers, as he does not wish for beings to die for no reason. He also is open to magic unlike the rest of his race.
Short Bio: Born as the prince of the Ox Tribe, a powerful tribe that eventually fell in battle because of betrayal on the part of Alexander's father's brother. Alex took then killed his uncle and picked up his father's claymore, leading the tribe into one last fight against the more numerous orcs in which the tribe fell. Beaten and wounded, the Prince was found by a cast out Centaur who took him to the nearest town to heal. Since then Alex has been traveling the lands of Deregor, both aiding the people of the world to fight against orcs and other enemies as well as training himself so he can later have revenge upon the orc tribe who slay his tribe.
Other: There is often a crow following the Prince, even if he does not know why

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