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News Update: The mod forums have moved, and are now located at:

And here is the most recent news:
Well this is the fist major news update since the beginng of the new forums. There have been some major reformations in the mod this week, So.. enjoy!

Well first things first... you will probably notice that the mod has split into four parts, as mentioned in the welcome thread. There has been some major rethinks about the order of releases, and this is what I have decided upon:
First release - Claws of the Dragon (Previously last release. this is TOP PRIORITY for all staff)
Second release - Rise of the Hand (Staying same priority. The part of the mod Daft is mainly focusing on.)
Third release - The Swarm War (Same priority as before, Very little work done at this time)
Fourth Release - Into the Unknown (The mod that used to be first priority. The est always have to wait until last)

In other news, I am proud to announce the latest additions to our team, Adthrawn and Mandalore_Cody.
You all probably know Adthrawn from Eeaw, and now hes ready to help as a mapper and admin round here. Mandalore_Cody hads taken up the position of Joint head moderator, along with Admiral_Steven.
Sadly, I also have to note that we have had to let go of one of our team members: HiiMmyself. Hii has been with this mod from the start. Many of you probably know what happened, but if you dont, dont worry about it, I shall not say any more on the matter. Hii has said he will continue to be a loyal supporter of the mod, and I thank him for what he has contributed.
On behalf of the team, Thank you Hii, It has been an honour and a pleasure working with you. Best luck in the future!

On a lighter note, Mandalorian, our concept artist, has been hard at work doing Chiss Unit Concepts. Below are my favourite three, but the whole collection can be seen in the releases forum.

Chiss Assault Carrier

Sarvchi Cruiser

Brask Fighter

Since Claws of the Dragon is now our top priority, I have a render to show which is the first model for the mod. I present the Predator Starfighter!

I hope to have the model ingame by the next news update.
For those of you who dontt know what a Predator Starfighter is, i quote wookiepedia.
The Predator-class fighter was a starfighter produced by Sienar Fleet Systems and used by the new Galactic Empire as of 130 ABY.Considered a successor to the older TIE/In starfighter, the Predator-class fighter was still highly maneuverable and heavily armed, but unlike most previous TIEs, it was also equipped with hyperdrives and a deflector shield generated through its blade-shaped wings. As with the earlier Chiss Clawcraft, these wings could adjust to a variety of positions, aiding the starfighter's maneuverability. They folded back fully for docking mode. The Predator-class fighter was designed by Sean Cooke, a designer/illustrator handpicked by Dark Horse Comics editor Randy Stradley for the job of designing Legacy-era Imperial spacecraft.
Finally, I am proud to announce that Uncharted Territories is now part of the Omega Modding group, along with our sister mods, Shadow of the Empire and Confederate Uprising. Omega Modding group is a conglomerate of affiliated mod teams. Any Mod team is welcome to join this modding group to help in the following aims and purpose of the community;
OMG forums
OMG website

Thats pretty much it for this week. Thanks for reading.


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