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A beep on Tpe's belt caught his attention even from deep meditation. He had been disturbed enough times during his meditations that he knew the awful sound even if he tried desperately to ignore it. Opening his eyes just as Charna rushed past, he raised and eyebrow before taking out the holopad from his belt. The image of his assistant appeared, bowing.
"What is it?" he asked and looked at the now straightening up man.
"My Lord, the IIA has found a hidden message within the Imperial HoloNet. They are planning to attack Coruscant within the hour. The Ambassador has decided upon immediate evacuation. The Mjolnir has been prepped for immediate departure from the system" the assistant told the Lord and Tepe nodded.
"Good. Inform the Galactic Alliance of the attack and keep the embassy keeping watch on the ships in the battle. I have a feeling the Sith are involved in this. Activate the Reserves and get them defend our planet. However, send word to the captain to head for my retreat on Ansion. Have the system's garrisons prepare for it and enhance security" he said and then switched the holopad off after the assistant bowed.

Standing up, Tepe took a deep breath. Both Charna's and Tepe's personal guards came in, or at least those who were with them, and formed rows next to the door.
"Charna, Rellis! We're evacuating. The Imperials are about to attack Coruscant and we're leaving for Ansion" he shouted and marched to the door to wait with the guards.


The Quarren captain answered the message with a cold silence for a moment while the ships seized firing at the planet to avoid any more damage to the wildlife.
"You'll see soon enough. Leave the planet and let our tractor beams pull you in. Once onboard you will be sealed in a force cage. For security measures. When we arrive to our destination, you shall know where we are" the pirate explained

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