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Hi Patrik
I read your notes in the other forum about the Monkey Island remake (where they were talking about screen resolutions instead;-)) and saw the pictures at your homepage. They're great! I'm interested in drawing the characters (or some of them) if you still want a 2D version. In my opinion the remake must be in 2D, otherwise the click&point feeling gets lost. That would be sad.
Another important thing: if I'm going to draw Guybrush in the remake of MI1 I don't want him as he appears in MI3 (like Goofy). Sure, Guybrush is not a real hero but nevertheless he's quite confident and not such a softie. Here is my sketch drawing as an example:
I hope you understood my bad english (I'm swiss by the way) and I'm looking forward to the remake of MI1.
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