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Originally Posted by tk102
Do you have some custom styles that have different EffectIds from rank to rank? JSE currently doesn't know what to do with multiple Effects for a single style so it uses only the effect of the first rank.
It was for the Monkey Paw style those messages popped up in the log, though it might be a bit weird since it's not normally usable by the player unless you cheat to get it.

Also, I forgot to mention that the labels above the skill level sliders are blank for the Viper, Iron Palm and Rhino Demon styles.

tk102 says: Ah, found out what it was. IRONPALMLV.2da an VIPERLV.2da have a column named "Label" rather than "label" -- the latter being used in all the other *LV.2da files that I've seen. I've since made my code accept either. The Rhino Demon form uses Iron Palm for some reason, probably a mistake.

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