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Chapter 6.9 Tuesday 31st July 2007

During the maintenance period on Tuesday, July 31, all U.S. and European galaxies will be taken down for server maintenance and a live update.

Treasure Maps:

Players must extract the treasure on the intended planet and planet location.


Bosses spawned by lairs should be the same level as the lair or higher.


Droid recharge ability should now consume batteries properly.

Cities and Maintenance:

Structures (house/factory) that run out of maintenance will now pull 1 weeks worth of funds from the players account.
Issue with city terminal not showing citizen list resolved.
City terminals properly shows residents listing with Militia flags.


Guild Screens from guilds that have been disbanded will destroy themselves when they next initialize.
If Huff Darklighter's rifle is destroyed, speaking with Borvo will allow you to get it back.
Fixed issue with Wookiees, Mon Cals, and Ithorians unable to equip Microservo Enhanced Gloves
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