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KOTOR2 - Telos Hidden Area

Go to either end of the L-shaped area that goes around the Cantina and Dobo emporium, against the sloped side. There's a small interruption in the walkmesh there. If you cram your characters into one corner of the doorway, you can get one of them to teleport over to the other side. Move your lead character into the corner there, running. While that character is still running, pause the game and switch to another party member. Have that character also run into the corner, against your other party member. Then do the same for the third party member. Keep this up until one of them disappears. Then pause the game and switch to that party member, who will have teleported to the adjacent inaccessible area. The other party members will shortly show up in that area.

From this area, I couldn't see a door in the small area on the north side of the module. There's also a Republic Officer visible on an even lower platform in the southeast quadrant.

The walkmeshes in these areas extend a bit over the edges of the walkways, and a bit into the walls. They also end abruptly in the middle of what looks like a walkway because of adjacent areas above or below. It looks like Obsidian intended these areas for NPCs to walk about, making the place look larger than it is. Moza is there for the "we're under attack" message when you leave the Ithorian compound area.

I was thinking that it would be nice is someone could mod access to this area on Citadel Station that you could only normally access through a glitch in the system. Or would this affect the Moza "we're under attack" video?

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