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"Sithspit," Arelyn swore, tossing her cup into the sink and bolting out the door. "Of course this hand-off couldn't just be nice and simple, they have to come for their friend," she muttered, gripping the doorpost to her turret and swinging herself right into her seat. As her chair twirled into place, she quickly strapped herself in, jamming the headset on her head and powering up her blaster cannon. She'd barely placed her hands on the controls when she yanked them hard to starboard, her fingers squeezing the triggers. She grunted in satisfaction as she watched her shots stitch across an ugly Tiss'Shar fighter, causing its port engines to explode and sending it careening end-over-end into oblivion. "Scratch one bogey," she breathed into the mic. Arelyn took only a few nanoseconds more to admire her handiwork before she expertly brought her guns around to trace another enemy craft.
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