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"...Corellia needs you, no matter what CorSec says. We're trying to get you off the blacklist. I need you, Shyla. Contact me as soon as you get the message."

Shyla sat in silence, staring still at the comm system though the voice had died away. After all these years, they wanted her to go back? CorSec would have her hide as soon as she'd finished helping them. And yet...

Artie whistled curiously and Shyla shrugged.

"I dunno, Artie," she said. "Should we go back?"

The droid issued a flurry of beeps and whistles and Shyla laughed. "I really should give you a memory wipe," she said. "You have altogether too much personality for one astro droid."

From the noises he made, Artie made it very clear what he thought of that idea.

"Don't worry," Shyla chuckled. "You're safe... but I am going to call Eki."

She switched on the comm system and called Eki Rostor...

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