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"Oh, here comes trouble," Ali breathed. All her old crew mates had assembled, the captain leading, and it was fairly obvious they intended to take her back... by force if they had to.

"Ms. D'Ayarra, I'm going to make something very clear to you," the captain said. "You insulted me, my crew, and my ship in more ways than one."

"Emotionally damaging," one of the gunners added supportively.

"We figure you owe us bigtime for that," one of the hired muscle pitched in. Ali raised her eyebrows in amusement.

"Let's get this straight," she said. "You think I have been emotionally damaging to you? Shall I count what was countless over these last two months? You tried so many things and I can only thank my father for your failures. I kicked your butts so many times..."

"And that's another repayment you owe us," the captain cut in. "For all the bruises..."

"You know what?" Ali said, grinning. "Let's put this to the test. As I view it, you and your men are only half-drunk at the moment. Usually, they're so drunk they can hardly see straight... fancy a fight?"

Before any of them could answer, Ali shattered an empty glass over the captain's head and sprang lightly backward over her chair. "Come on, then!"

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