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Originally Posted by Rockstar
umm... they are drawn people... you all need girlfriends...
Er, drawn? They're digitally rendered models, not drawings. Accuracy is a plus when you're poking fun at a thread's worth of people.

Eh, not too many of the women in KotOR are attractive. Bastila looks ok, but her pig-tails and British accent didn't help with it. That with her icy demeanor and inability to ever laugh is a turn-offer. Although she does open up with LSMers, the way she talks about feeling safe in your arms and the fact she's young and had no prior romantic experience made me think that she'd probably be very clingy and dependent in a relationship. A DS romance could be interesting as they often are, but you don't see enough of it to have any idea as to what it would be like.

The Handmaiden looks ok, but only with her hood up. Never liked that boyish haircut of hers much. Visas I can't really say for when you only get to see several inches of skin.

Mira has the best outfit and has a decent enough voice and looks, but she's always too solemn and never really lightens up. I suppose being tense and never able to relax comes with being stalked by a psychotic Wookiee but it doesn't make her very attractive.

Juhani... Let's not even go there. Two-legged hairless angsty cats aren't my thing. :P

Most of the women in KotOR are emotionally stunted in some way or another though, so you can't really say any of them are honestly attractive. Ja, that isn't related to how they look, but it's hard to appreciate that when they're as stiff as boards.

IMO the female PCs in both games are much hotter physically, and with KotOR I emotionally too since you have the option of giving yours a sense of humor. Heh, "lobotomized Gammorean." You don't really have any of that in the male romances/female characters.

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