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Originally Posted by stoffe
The skin is part of the body and head textures of the characters. The textures of the player models have a P_ prefix in their names, so if you search for P_*.txb in JEFindRes you should be able to find them all. Some of them have a version found in the override folder that is of higher resolution than the one inside the game data files, thus those should be used first when available.
That's why I keep seeing two versions of each skin that seem to be otherwise exact copies of each other? O.o

EDIT: And thanks, I think I got it.

EDIT 2: Okay, I got the head area to work, and accept my new texture. The body area, though, when I put the files into the override folder do not replace the original graphics. In fact the old graphics stay there. The head is the new texture. But not the body. They body has the original texture.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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