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Originally Posted by Janan Pacha
EDIT 2: Okay, I got the head area to work, and accept my new texture. The body area, though, when I put the files into the override folder do not replace the original graphics. In fact the old graphics stay there. The head is the new texture. But not the body. They body has the original texture.
Make sure you have removed the TXB file with the same name from the override folder. If there is a TXB file and a TGA file with identical names in the same scope, the game will use the TXB file.

You only need to do this for files in the override folder, i.e. you don't need to remove TXB files from the MOD/RIM files if you put a TGA in the override folder since the override scope has higher priority.

Originally Posted by sekan
Is JE using coordinates when they spawn npcs? If they do is there someway to make a armband like TSL but instead a gem that give coordinates in teh corner off the screen. Only when you are using the gem of course The gem could be found in every module or chapter. Anyway if they not are using coordinates how do they do to spawn npcs?
While I haven't investigated this closely I'd guess they use either pre-placed NPCs or Encounter triggers to spawn most NPCs and creatures in the game.

The problem with making "armbands" in Jade Empire, as far as I know, is that you have no effective way of triggering a script at will, like the armbands allow, unless I'm overlooking something. It's easy to fire scripts as part of a reward/loot, but since you have no inventory or items to be activated, and most "spells" are 2DA based rather than scripted in Jade Empire your options are a lot more limited.

For something that continually displays the coordinates you'd need a script that runs repeatedly to update the info. I haven't really looked much into these aspects of Jade Empire modding yet, so hopefully someone else is able to offer more insight.


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