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When the ship rocked violently, Headshot was at the ladder and already sliding down as the captain gave his order to launch the fighter. Hitting the ground with a thud, he sprinted the distance to his fighter, practically leaping into the cockpit and slid on his helmet. His fingers danced across keys and pushed buttons as the cockpit shield closed neatly over him. The next moment, he was rocketing down and out in space.

"Kuun, let us know when you're spaceborne, wouldn't want to shoot you down."

“Roger that: I am spaceborne and proceeding to engage the enemy fighters.” Headshot replied increasing the throttle and dodging debris that strayed too close. He did a fancy barrel roll around a torn-up ship in order to avoid the sloppy shots of one of the fighters. The fighter followed, only to discover the Headshot was gone. Three seconds later while doing a flyby of the wreck, the fighter erupted into a ball of flame as Headshot came straight from behind with lasers blazing. He flew through the flames without second thought and turned his attention towards the remaining fighters.
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