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Originally Posted by stoffe
Make sure you have removed the TXB file with the same name from the override folder. If there is a TXB file and a TGA file with identical names in the same scope, the game will use the TXB file.

You only need to do this for files in the override folder, i.e. you don't need to remove TXB files from the MOD/RIM files if you put a TGA in the override folder since the override scope has higher priority.
That worked. I've now created a dark robed albino version of Radiant Jen Zi as my first test. Now to get to something I'll actually spend time trying to get good looking. Hopefully an improved version of Scholar Ling. I'd like to change the outfit especially to get a more dark sorceress vibe off the outfit. Something more conservative too, to reflect the scholar aspect.

Er . . . heh ^_^ *stops babbling, and wanders off to work on texturing*

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