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Originally Posted by Darth_Ave
How many credits are required for you guys to graduate? mine is 21, it's like this.

Subject (credits required) [credits I'll have at the end of school year]
English (4 credits) [1 credit]
Social Studies (3 credits) [1 credit]
Science (3, gotta include 1 in physical and 1 in biological) [1 credit]
Math (3 credits) [2 credits]
Health (1/2 credits.) [1/2 credit, DONE!]
Phys. Ed. (1/2 credit) [1/4 credit, halfway done]
Electives (7 credits, 1 credit in business/technology, fine arts, or forigen language) [3 1/2 credits]
I need 85 credits. Huzzah for entirely different school systems, non?

Let's kill ourselves.
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