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Originally Posted by Mindtwistah
tslpatcher should work with JE right? Like adding files into some folders and adding entries in dialog.tlk and 2da files?
No, TSLPatcher would not work to use for many types of JE modding in its current state. The KOTOR games (and NWN) use the TLK V3.0 format for the dialog.tlk file, while Jade Empire uses the TLK V4.0 format. Since TSLPatcher was made for KOTOR it does not handle this format.

Further, TSLPatcher only deals with 2DA files in binary 2DA V2.b format. Jade Empire supports this format, but many of the 2DA files, especially modded ones, are in the older 2DA V2.0 text format instead.

Lastly, while the GFF format is roughly the same in KOTOR and JE, the latter has a new data type added to the format. TSLPatcher's GFF handling is not aware of this data type, for aforementioned reasons. It would probably complain if it encounters data types it does not recognize when loading a GFF file using this field type.

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