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Post My first realesed JE mod

Hi everybody and no Stoffe and tk102 I'm not gona ask a question. I'm gona realese my first JE mod

Name: Three Brothers

This mod add three powerful gem. Sekan, Lespoon and Mindtwistah gem.

Author: Sekan
Special Thanks to: Mindtwistah

Sekan's Gem Information
Location: Spirit plain. This gem has the same location as the demon sword.
Effect: + 10 Body + 10 Mind + 2 Spirit

Lespoon's Gem information.
Location: Pirate workshop. You can find this gem in a cheast in the Treasure room.
Effect: + 10 mind + 5 Body + 5 spirit

Mindtwistah's Gem
Location: Teahouse if you help old mother kwan to get back her teahosue.
Effect: + 15 Spirit + 3 Body + 3 Mind

Download it Here

Permission: You can edit this gems so much you want but if you want the realese your change you must ask me first.

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