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The Ship Shook as another few hits impacted the ships deflectors, The Tiss’shar fighters were fast, agile and small but didn’t pack much of a punch. Tannis was still trying to calibrate the sensors to tell the difference between a hostile fighter and a floating piece of debris that littered the skies of Nar Shaddaa.

Nasai twisted the ship under, over, around and even through the chunks of metal that were blocking the ships strait run to the smugglers moon. This was not he best conditions for the turret gunners as the ship never went in one direction long enough for the targeting computer to get a lock and if they did all this debris would fill the scanner scopes.

Alec managed to calibrate the scanners to read the unique energy signatures admitted by Tiss’shar technology and transferred the data to the Turrets computers. He watched as one exploded into a ball of flame and the headhunter shoots out of it.

“Good Job headshot, but you Latch and the Mistryl still have another six to take down!” Alec said into the com system for the whole crew to hear.
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