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"Five," Latch called out as he blasted another Tiss'Shar fighter into vapor and wreckage. "They must've just pulled these pilots out of some local dive because they're really not very good," he breathed as he rotated his cannon to follow another bogey. Just then the ship lurched hard to port and he nearly brained himself on one of adjacent bulkheads. He righted himself and shook his head, clearing out the stars in his vision. "Hey Nasai, y'think you could cut down on the herky jerky?" he roared into the mic.

"You want to come down here and drive this thing, Vax?" the pilot's voice asked him irritably through the headset.

"No, I'm good, thanks," Latch replied, cranking his cannon downward to follow another enemy fighter. It zoomed just beyond the range of his guns, darting underneath his turret. "Arelyn," Latch shouted, "watch your six, bogey incoming!"
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