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Nobody had noticed the rest of the group entering the ship just in time to hear the question. As Gordon spoke, Charollus noticed Ferod's robes and smirked, leaving for the lounge to get some refreshments, meaning water.
"Dantooine is a good place to start at least, but we shouldn't stay even there for long. As a Jedi I'm still obliged to keep peace, and Dantooine is a peaceful planet which should not be disturbed by a major Imperial mission to destroy a pair of Jedi and those who are helping them" he said before smiling appaerently for no reason and following Shyla.

"That was Eki Rostor, wasn't it? I had the pleasure of fighting with his father and brothers during the Clone Wars. They spoke much of him, but I never really got why he didn't follow them to become an Antarian Ranger or a Freedom Warrior and instead chose CorSec. Is he truly that much of a patriot?" he asked and slid his hand under his sleeves, truly looking like a peaceful Jedi in harmony with the Galaxy, even if he was not in such a state. Maybe once before the Clone Wars, but that side disappeared with the fighting and would cower away from him until he died or found a new reason for getting in harmony with himself and the Galaxy. He was blind to such things, however.

Charollus meanwhile walked out of the ship and hopped into the ARC-170, prepping it as well, even if that didn't take as long as the larger freighter did, but nonetheless she should be sure everything was working right before docking with the larger ship once out of the hangar.

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