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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
Reposite (attack parry): hold attack and alt attack while you parry block a swing. This only works if your already in a preblock for the incoming swing or you are in the startfake animation. This move causes a saberlock in which you win and automatically causes a slowbounce on them unless they are high on the mishap meter (where they will do whatever their level makes them do)
can you please change this so it dosent say saber lock... riposites dont do a saber lock..... and change it so its says hold attack only... you dont need alt attack.. And change the word reposite to riposte. (ty Tanqexe)

Originally Posted by JRHockney*

Reposites/Attack Parries:

Step 2: Hold the proper parry direction (explained before) and hold attack and alt attackjust as your opponents saber is about to hit you (sometimes taping them at the same time works to). You must be in a preblock animaiton or a start fake animation for it to work.
and this one as well which says alt attack. Which again you dont need to hold alt attack also change the word reposite to riposte here as well

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