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((Ok, I'll do a little catch up, Bilbringi is going to have to wait until tomorrow though.))


*Six hours later Flax and Allessa occupy pilot and copilot's stations on the CORT.*

Flax: Reversion in, 3, 2, 1, MARK!

*Hyperspace shatters into white lines and then pinpick starlights. Out the foward viewport the part see a large spacedock orbiting a mid-sized rocky planetoid, only one ship is docked, an old MC80 Star Crusier, Defiance.*

Flax: Darklighter Station, this is the Black Wolf requesting clearence to land on the NRS Defiance

*A gutteral, masculine voice responds.*

Control: Transmit clearence codes.

Flax: Transmitting..... *hits switch.*

Control: Codes recieved, land in bay twelve.

Flax: Negative Control, we'll land in the main hanger.

*A pause, and when the voice comes back on it sounds even more gutteral, and perturbed.*

Control: Affirmative.

*The CORT slips into the Crusier's main hanger and sets down. The ground gather at the ramp and Flax hit's the hatch release. As the ramp drops the group here the noises of a busy hanger bay, the whine of repulsor lifts and the cursing of mechanics acompanied by the grinding and crackling of broken machinery.*

Flax decends the ramp, at the bottom is an aged mechanic in a dirty grey flightsuit, bald, human and portly he finishes cleaning his hands with an oily rag; snaps to attention; salutes; and cracks a smile.*

Chief: Welcome home, Commander.

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